About Me

My name is Susan, but you can call me Sue too.  I’m married with two grown up children, four grandchildren, and a happily crazy dog. I was born in England and came to the Isle of Man 25 years ago so I am a very happy stopover. 

I have been a nurse for most of my working years, and after working in various areas I specialised in workplace health including stress and wellbeing at work which was a great background for my interest in the psychological aspect of what makes people tick, or rather what makes that tick pause.

A perpetual student as most curious people are, I gained a BSC, MA, as well as several other qualifications in coaching, stress management, disaster aftercare, cognitive behavioural therapy skills, mindfulness and wellbeing. I am also a member of the Association of Coaching. I’m not bragging here and it might sound imposing but all it means is that I understand what I am doing and you know that I am genuine and legitimate. This may seem a little serious but trust me, I do have a sense of humour too.

As a person I am creative, an animal lover and I love to grow trees.  I have ambitions to write a book someday, I’m sure that will be a challenge but I consider that a good challenge.  

When I am not working I like to write poetry, read weird philosophy stuff, and love to travel, but nothing beats meeting up with friends for a good old fashioned natter.