About Wellness and Coaching

Most people will have heard about wellbeing. There have been many debates about what wellbeing is, my version is that it is about quality of life. Wellness on the other hand is about lifestyle improvement through building resilience, competence and empowerment so that a person can perform to their full potential.

Coaching can help with this. It is not counselling or therapy per se, Coaching empowers a person to take control of their life by setting goals and identifying how to reach them. This gives a person a positive orientation toward life and society. 

I have been using my version of cognitive behavioural Coaching for many years to help people lead happy lives. It’s a like re-wiring your brain to think positive thoughts rather than negative or damaging thoughts. We feel what we think so if we think negative thoughts we often behave negatively. Not a great way to live life is it?

Coaching sessions usually last an hour and most people need between 2 – 4 sessions but it can take more, and maintenance sessions can also be employed if required. You do need to be committed to work with me because I often set homework. I often see people at their home and can do evenings so you don’t need to take time off work for a session. All I ask is that we have somewhere quiet and private to work in. 

Is Coaching for you? I often see people with anxiety, depression, phobia’s, self-esteem issues and other problems. My only stipulation is that I can’t work with you if you are having therapy with someone else since it becomes confusing. If in any doubt contact me and I can advise.

All work I do is treated in the strictest of confidence.