Nutritional Health

‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’


I have a profound interest in nutrition and how that can impact our health and I have a diploma in nutrition which means I can offer nutritional coaching too. What does that entail? Well have you ever thought that eating certain foods might help with a medical condition? The answer to that is yes it can. I can guide you as to which foods may suit your body or medical condition, all scientifically backed, and devise food plans which will empower you to help yourself. This can include things like IBS, diabetes, arthritis, skin problems, and more.

I can help with weight issues but I am not going to weigh you or monitor weight loss/ gain or recommend faddy or trendy diets. I’m all about real food.  If your goal is to lose or gain weight I can help you to get there through Coaching. Think about why you want to lose or gain weight and why that isn’t happening now.